Discover The Latest Weight Loss and Wellness Tips from Hilton Head Health’s Leading Experts

Hotel Workout Routine

Whether you travel for work or during the holidays, this quick workout will keep your body moving.

Understanding Readiness For Change

Understanding your readiness for change will provide you an insight into your potential success. David Chesworth shares how to gauge your readiness.

What Does FMS Mean?

David Chesworth explains our Functional Movement Screening and why we use it to understand fitness levels for incoming guests at our weight loss resort.

Keep Cool In The Heat of Summer

Keeping cool in the summer sometimes seems impossible, make sure you have the right fitness clothes for this time of year.

Take Time To Stretch

Whether you run, walk or bike, it's important to stretch to reduce muscle fatigue and increase blood flow to help with your recovery.

Unanticipated Rewards From Getting Healthy

There are more benefits to deciding to get healthier than just the number on the scale. Discover the unanticipated rewards from healthier lifestyle choices

4 Tips for Developing a Fitness Strategy

Follow these tips to develop a fitness strategy that works for you. Take away the overwhelming feelings and create a plan that you can stick with.

5 Tips to Make your Social Life Healthier

Making your social life healthier is a key factor to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Follow these tips and learn how to make friends active and healthy.

New Measures of Success

Focus on the many successes off the scale during your weight loss journey. H3 guest shares his successes from weight loss resort.

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