Discover The Latest Weight Loss and Wellness Tips from Hilton Head Health’s Leading Experts

Grilled Lavender Peaches with Lemon Yogurt

When you add this lemon yogurt topping to the mix, it takes grilled peaches to the top!

3 Tips to Improve Your Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell has many great health benefits but proper technique is pivotal to reap these benefits.

3 Healthy Father's Day Gifts

Let's get away from the routine gifts this year. Here are 3 healthy things your dad will love this year!

Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken

Mix things up with our new Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken recipe from True Restaurant at Hilton Head Health.

3 Healthy Lifestyle Tips from Dr. Romie

"When you give from a place of empty, you only hurt your mind and body."

70-Calorie Skinny Strawberry Ice Cream

You can have all the delicious flavor of this summertime favorite without any of the guilt.

4 Suprising Benefits of Yoga

Health and physical benefits that come with regular yoga practice help with flexibility, increased strength, better posture, and lower blood pressure.

Beach Body Blast: Back, Biceps & Abs

A perk of being located here on Hilton Head Island is that the beach is only a short walk away. But for all our friends out there who don't live by the beach, you can still get your beach body. Take your "beach workout" to your backyard, your favorite gym or even a local park, like Fitness Specialist John…

3 Tips to Being King (or Queen) of the Grill

It's almost outdoor grilling season. Here are 3 tips to get you started!

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