Discover The Latest Weight Loss and Wellness Tips from Hilton Head Health’s Leading Experts

Buddy Fitness: Pump Up Workout

Make sure you and your workout buddy have plenty of water and have fun.

H3 Guest Review: Great Experience!

LOSE Well guest, Cindy W. wanted to make a move towards a healthier self!

Buddy Fitness: Resistance Band Training

Your partner can be a source of increased accountability and motivation.

H3 Sunrise Smoothie by Carrie Adams

Help give your immune system an extra boost!

A Mindful Experience at H3

Not only lost a few pounds but she conquered the emotional and physical obstacles standing in her way.

March Madness Drill Workout by Johnathan Grimwood

Grab a basketball, a few cones and let's take this workout outside!

The "Spring into Your Step" Workout by Chris Varano

For a fun workout that will definitely put some spring back into your step!

The Secret to Everyday Happiness

It is a virtual force-field that shields you from the dark-side.

The H3 Happy Day Dance

Today, we have a very special dance for International Day of Happiness.

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