Discover The Latest Weight Loss and Wellness Tips from Hilton Head Health’s Leading Experts

Heart Healthy Snack Ideas

Heart Health Month is coming to an end! Here are a few recipes your heart is craving.

5 Facts about Heart Disease

With February being National Heart Month, this is the perfect time to commit to taking better care of ourselves.

Stretch and Strengthen for a Healthy Heart

In honor of American Heart Month, Hilton Head Health has a quick circuit to get you moving and get your heart pumping.

Indigo Spa InSPArational Speaker: Michelle Poitier

Michelle Poitier journey and what she's learned along the way is truly inspiring.

10 Tips to Fight Fatigue

Here are a few healthy tricks for fighting fatigue!

Knock Out Heart Disease by John Lippett

According to the Nurses' Health Study, moving from being inactive to just 30 minutes of vigorous activity each day can reduce the risk of heart disease by 50%

Valentine's Dinner and Dessert, H3 Style

What better gift to give your Valentine than a delicious, homemade dinner and dessert.

The Transformation Continues: The Indigo Spa

It’s impossible to get a massage and then want to go out and wreck your body with unhealthy food or dysfunctional living

Siblings "LOSE Well" Together by John Lippett

We've seen so many success stories in just this past year at Hilton Head Health, but none stand out more than the brother and sister combo!

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