Discover The Latest Weight Loss and Wellness Tips from Hilton Head Health’s Leading Experts

Trail Mix Fudge Bar

H3's Trail Mix Fudge Bar is a delicious and low calorie dessert just in time for the Holidays!

Healthy Gifts Ideas for Everyone on Your list

No matter who you're shopping for, this is the ultimate gift list to take care of everyone for the holidays!

Flourless Chocolate Cake

A gluten-free dessert that's light, fluffy and decadent; it's sure to become one of your favorites!

Active Tips for Everyday

Here are 3 fitness tips you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.

Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki

Try H3's Chicken Teriyaki crock pot recipe! It's delicious, low in sodium and low calorie.

4 Ways to Breathe More and Stress Less

It only takes 10 or 15 minutes of your time to get rid of daily stresses. Follow these 4 tips.

How to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

The holiday season is here and our healthy lifestyle has now become part of our holiday wishlist. Here's what you can do to prevent holiday weight gain.

Mini Pumpkin Pie

It's likely you'll have a table full of pies. Make sure H3's Mini Pumpkin Low Calorie Pie is one of them.

3 Biggest Weight Lifting Fears for Women

There are plenty of rumors roaming around about why girls shouldn't lift; today, we're setting the top 3 rumors straight!

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