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Coaching Corner: Spring Cleaning Meets Clean Eating

When cleaning up your diet, rely on high quality foods.

H3 Meal Plan Champ

Guest Alicia, shows that meal planning can be done.

15 Positive Psychological Effects of Exercise

We have all heard that exercise releases endorphins, fights anxiety, increases stress resilience, and improves sleep. But there are 15 more effects . . .

The 2014 Boston Marathon: Lindsay's Experience

"Physically, I am still recovering while emotionally I am still processing. I thought I would share my experience."

Fitness Friday: High Intensity Jump Rope Interval Training

30-Minute High Intensity Jump Rope and Body Weight Interval.

The Perfect Healthy Gift for Mom

With Mother’s Day coming up start thinking outside the box and think inside the bag!

A Versatile Food Can Cut Your Calories by Two-Thirds

“Shrimp is a lean source of high quality protein”. It is relatively low in calories and extremely low in saturated fat.

At–Home Gym: Our Fave Fitness Products

When you have fitness equipment at home, you can save time, save money, have privacy within your own home, and customize your own workout.


Let’s face it—most of us want a simple meal plan that requires as minimal preparation as possible.

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