Discover The Latest Weight Loss and Wellness Tips from Hilton Head Health’s Leading Experts

Sending Out a STRESS-O.-S.

Stress is inevitable in the hustle and bustle of our lives. However, by harnessing our senses, we can definitely take the edge off this stress.

5k Tips

Whether it's your first race or a family tradition, a Turkey Trot 5k is a great opportunity to get the entire family together for healthy, outdoor fun.

5K Training Plan

This 4-week fitness plan, along with some dos and don'ts, will help get you ready for your next fun run, like the local Turkey Trot!

TRX Circuit

We feature TRX equipment in our training sessions and our TRX fitness classes. Ty's TRX Circuit is a great workout designed for all fitness levels.

Carrot Spotlight: Coconut Carrot Curry Soup

Carrots are a great root vegetable to include in your veggie mix all year round, and this recipe is perfect for fall.

Measure Improvements with Timed Workouts

Tracking your progress with timed workout results can help you see your weekly progress and improvements.

7 Tips to Keep Your Workout Challenging

When workouts become easier, we need to crank it up and challenge ourselves. These 7 tips help keep your workout challenging, without making it too hard.

High Intensity versus High Impact

High-intensity exercises mean kicking up the intensity of your cardio or strength training. High impact exercises are when both feet leave the ground.

Enzo's Maintenance Plan

Returning to Hilton Head Health is an opportunity to recommit to their health and wellness programs. If you are considering coming to H3, do it!

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