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Bring Friends and Save

Experience H3 with loved ones and strengthen the bond between you.


H3 tries to encourage guests to get out of the all or nothing thinking and reframing that mindset to learning from the detours while staying on track.

Fitness Friday: Have an "Eggceptionally" Active Easter!

While holidays are an understandable time to be a little indulgent, use being "hopped up on sugar" to your advantage this year!


Recognize listening is an important piece of communication. As guests continue to participate in our program, its understandable how . . .

Stress Awareness to Stress Bareness

April is stress awareness month. Did you know that in 2013 stress related healthcare issues cost employers over 300 billion dollars?

Nutrition: Taking a Multivitamin

Store brand and generics are usually as reliable as brand name products.

Fitness Friday: Muscle Mobility

“All human beings should be able to perform basic human maintenance on themselves.” – Kelly Starrett

Coaching Corner: What is your investment to your health?

What your health condition is like has a significant effect on the condition you can provide for someone else.

Health Benefits of Walking a ½ hour a day

Dr. Mike Evans has a very engaging and convincing way of letting us know why just 1/2 hour a day of walking should be incorporated into our daily routine.

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