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Soda Consumption And Your Health

It is often the hardest beverage for people to give up, but can have the largest impact on your health in more ways than calorie count.

Fitness Friday: Sweating with a Sandbag

The load is constantly shifting, or at least requires effort to stabilize, and this produces an effect far removed from conventional weight training.

Wellness Wednesday: 6 Rules of Life

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a very well known former professional bodybuilder, actor, businessman, investor, and politician . . .

Coaches Corner: A Letter to Family and Friends

Most of the articles posted on this site are intended for you, this one however is for your spouses, partners, friends and family members.

Healthy Recipe: Thai Peanut Stir Fry

It’s a super simple way to add lots of flavor to a dish with out adding lots of extra calories or fat.

Fitness Friday: A Push-Up Progression

Push yourself this weekend! ENJOY!

Eat your fruits and veggies

The evidence that the consumption of vegetables and fruit lowers the risk of several chronic disease is overwhelming.

5 Simple Ways to Simplify Your Life

Keep your home environment clean and comfortable so that it remains your sanctuary. . .

Coaching Corner: Self Talk

One very easy way to make your relationship with yourself a healthier one is to turn your “negative self-talk” into “positive self-talk”.

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