Discover The Latest Weight Loss and Wellness Tips from Hilton Head Health’s Leading Experts

Knock Out Heart Disease by John Lippett

According to the Nurses' Health Study, moving from being inactive to just 30 minutes of vigorous activity each day can reduce the risk of heart disease by 50%

Valentine's Dinner and Dessert, H3 Style

What better gift to give your Valentine than a delicious, homemade dinner and dessert.

The Transformation Continues: The Indigo Spa

It’s impossible to get a massage and then want to go out and wreck your body with unhealthy food or dysfunctional living

Siblings "LOSE Well" Together by John Lippett

We've seen so many success stories in just this past year at Hilton Head Health, but none stand out more than the brother and sister combo!

Heart Health: Think Outside of the Box, Literally

The bigger, harder question to answer is how do I eat healthy at home? The answer: cook.

Healthy Super Bowl Recipe: Peanut Butter Hummus

It's healthy, it's easy to make and it's just in time for Super Bowl! Here is our Peanut Butter Hummus recipe!

Healthy Super Bowl Recipe: White Bean and Chicken Chili

The Healthy Kitchen White Bean and Chicken Chili is the perfect hearty snack for any Super Bowl party!

H3 Skinny White Russian

A White Russian is a classic American cocktail. H3 is putting a spin on it and it's under 150 calories!

Super Bowl Fitness

We know you'll love the Super Game, so H3 came up with a little game too! Here's how you can stay active during the big game.

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