Discover The Latest Weight Loss and Wellness Tips from Hilton Head Health’s Leading Experts

New Food Highlight: Persimmons

Make trying something new in food and nutrition a goal in 2018. Registered Dietitian, Felicia Spence shares why you should try persimmons this month.

Vegan No Bake Elvis Bars

Vegan, no-bake, and great taste! I couldn't have picked a more perfect dessert for the entire family to enjoy!

Spoonful of Nutrition: Online Grocery Shopping

Learn how to grocery shop online and how it can improve your meal planning with Registered Dietitian, Felicia Spence.

Monthly Move Well: Posture

Reduce the aches and pains of everyday life with good posture. David guides you through the foundation for moving well.

Unwise, Better, Best: Oats

Help manage your appetite, cholesterol and so much more with oats! Felicia shares how to sort through the grocery shelves and find the best oat options.

Motivation for Change

This is your year! Use this pros and cons matrix to help explore your motivation for changing and maintaining behavior.

Spoonful of Nutrition: End of 2017

Felicia Spence thanks you for joining her this year and shares her favorite Spoonful of Nutrition video of 2017.

Habits for Creating and Sustaining a Healthy Weight

Create and sustain a healthy weight with these 3 habits of successful weight managers.

Finding the Right Gym

Looking to start a gym membership? David shares his tips for finding the right gym or boutique gym!

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