Discover The Latest Weight Loss and Wellness Tips from Hilton Head Health’s Leading Experts

Stretches for Runners

Five basic stretches that will prevent injuries and prepare your muscles for running demonstrated by fitness professional at renowned weight loss resort

Healthy Fats

Top 5 healthy fatty foods that you should be eating every day.

Realistic Goals

Learn how to make attainable goals that you can accomplish. Come to Hilton Head Health to reach your weight loss goals.

Is Snacking Synonymous with Junk food?

Tips from Hilton Head Health's Registered Dietitian on how to make snacking healthy. Snacking can be healthy by eating nutritious, energy-packed foods.

5k Training for Beginners

Tips for beginner 5k training. Get from the couch to the 5k with these running tips.

Rolling with Resistance

Learn how to focus on what you can change. Tips to handle the challenges with losing weight.

Smart Snacking

Healthy snacks that are nutritious and will not ruin your dieting. Snacks packed with nutrition and healthy snack options for on the go.

No-Bake Oat Energy Bites

No-Bake Oat Energy Bites are the perfect snack for on the go. Tasty and nutritious snack for energy.

Small Changes = Big Benefits

Every little change can make a difference. Try these small changes to reduce your risk of disease and improve your health today.

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