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Caitlin Kiernan's Second Chance Strategy

Caitlin's strategy is great example of how to positively affect your environment before you your environment has the chance to negatively affect you.

Healthy Halloween Recipe: Skull Meatloaf

Halloween is less than 3 weeks away; that means it's time for some, tasty and slightly terrifying recipes!

TRX: Reverse Lunge

Workout for this week is The Reverse Lunge. Engage your core and improve your stability!

Autumn Granola Bar

If you love Autumn, we know you'll fall in love with H3's Autumn Granola Bar recipe.

The Truth about Electrolytes

Electrolytes are basically salts, and salts along with water help to keep the electrical charges in our bodies working properly.

3 Ways to Know if You Have a Fresh Fish

There are 3 simple steps to check on how fresh your fish.

5-Step Recipe: Tomato Bruschetta

Here's a simple recipe to get your tomato fix - Tomato Bruschetta.

Yoga Pose: Beginner Side Angle

Yoga promotes stress relief, improves mental clarity and so much more.

Why I Taught My Kids to Cook

It’s a seasonal dance. School has started! This is why I taught my kids how to cook!

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