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Fitness Friday: Outdoor cardio/strength circuit

Spring is here, that means we can take our workouts outside and enjoy the nice weather!

Coaching Corner: Be realistic with meal planning

Lindsay, H3's Registered Dietitian, shares with us a few more pictures of her meal planning. Enjoy!

Alzheimer's Disease, what women need to know

Heart disease was thought to be primarily a man’s disease, thanks to the American Heart Association, we now recognize it in woman as well.

Mussels and Clams in Garlic White Wine Sauce Recipe

This is a great simple yet crowd pleasing dish - Mussels and Clams please!

Fitness Friday: Squat and Lunge Alternatives

These exercises will help strengthen your hamstrings and quadriceps without putting pressure on your knees.


Exercise enthusiasts with the best intentions will often find themselves incurring a sprain, strain or injury at some point.

8 Outdoor Activities that Double as Exercise

Grab your kids, throw a leash on your dog, and head on outdoors! It's time to get your exercise on!

All-Natural? Cage Free? What Does It All Mean...

The Healthy Living section of your grocery store and you can’t help but see multiple health claims and confusing terminology on packaging.

Healthy Recipe: NOPALES SALAD

What is nopal? Nopales are edible young cactus pads from the Opuntia species. They have many health benefits.

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