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HEALTHY RECIPE: Pesto Encrusted Chicken

Remember that if you are working with a large or thicker fillet to make sure you adjust the cooking time. This is delicious!

Fitness Friday: Treadmill HIIT workout:

The workout is design for all fitness level; you can work at your own pace adjusting the intensity accordingly. Have fun!

Coaches Corner: Winter Olympics Fitness Tips

There are thousands of things that go into making an Olympic athlete. Those things become a passion, a purpose, and a plan.

Wellness Wednesday: “So What?” Is a Valid Question

The point of this blog is to get readers to look at the places in their life where they feel stuck and ask themselves what are their alternatives.

Nutrition: Adding Nuts and Avocados

They are both excellent sources of “good” fats and should be included as a part of a healthy diet.

Healthy Recipe: Ham, Egg and Cheese Quinoa Cups

These perfectly pop able bites are packed with protein, and they take no time at all to make. Simply combine all the ingredients in a bowl.

How To Stay Focused And Committed To Your Plan

Commit to yourself. Commit to your goal. Commit to your body. Commit to your Movement.. Commit to your Health. Commit to your Life!

Staying Hydrated During Exercise

There are several variables that determine how much water you need during a workout. Here are some points to consider . . .

Wellness Wednesday: Practice what you preach

Here's is a brilliant YouTube video called "23 and ½ Hours", that makes a compelling case for the health benefits of walking 30 minutes a day.

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