Discover The Latest Weight Loss and Wellness Tips from Hilton Head Health’s Leading Experts

Wellness Wednesday: Battling Sleep Deprivation

The impact of sleep deprivation on weight management is a huge topic most overlook.

Coaching Corner: Interdependence

Hilton Head Health would not be the successful company that we are without you embracing the program to its fullest potential!

Healthy Recipe: Pineapple Ice Cream

This decision treat only takes 30 minutes and it's low calorie!

Fitness Friday: Just Dance

Whether it's ballet or ballroom, clogging or jazz, dancing is a great way for people of all ages and physical abilities to get and stay in shape.

H3's Meal Plan from a Guest's Perspective

Four months ago today, Brian weighed in at 349 pounds. Today, he is 85 lbs. lighter! Here's his story. . .

Research Shows Self-Discipline Leads to Happiness

Instead of constantly denying themselves, people high in self-control are simply less likely to find themselves in situations where that’s even an issue.

Coaching Corner: Feeling Young

Most people understand, or have at least heard about, some of the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. Here are a few . . .


It's peach season in South Carolina and Georgia. Buy some fresh local peaches for this decadent treat!

Fitness Friday: Stretch it Out

To stay flexible, stretch all your major groups of muscles. These include the muscles of your arms, back, hips, thighs, and calves.

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