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August 2, 2017
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August 25, 2017

It was exciting to be named USAToday’s #1 Health & Wellness Resort and even more so when we got to share some great tips for staying healthy while traveling.

“Your health goals on vacation will not be the same as when you’re home. Set realistic fitness and nutrition goals based on your environment, so you’re set up for success,” offers David Chesworth, Fitness Programmer and Wellness Coach.

Here are 10 ways to be mindful of your health while away from home.

1. A meal a day…

It’s easy to overindulge when you’re traveling. Plan healthy eating and snacking occasions. Try to plan ahead for one healthy meal a day – maybe that means bringing your breakfast from home (oatmeal packets are easy to travel with and keep you full throughout the morning). This will allow you to stay on track while having the flexibility to enjoy that cocktail or dessert.
Karla Williams, Executive Chef

2. Plan healthy choices

When you’re hitting the road, it’s easy to fall into unhealthy choices. I like to use the HealthyOut app to help me plan where to eat. It highlights restaurants nearby and the healthy dishes that they offer. This is beneficial, as it lets you plan what you’ll order by reviewing healthy menu items before you go.
Felicia Spence, Registered Dietitian

3. Work in a workout

Plan to work out on your trip. Whether or not your hotel has a gym shouldn’t derail your fitness level. Pack a resistance band for strength training and plan your cardio using a nearby route in Map My Run/Walk.
Casey Walker, Fitness Instructor

4. Break a (free) sweat

If you decide to hit the gym, you may be able to score a free day pass. A lot of chains, like Equinox, Gold’s Gym and Crunch offer these, so check out their websites before you go and grab a pass.
Ty Bostic, NASM-CPT, CES, SFS, Fitness Instructor

5. Strike a pose

Yoga can be practiced anywhere, especially once you know the basic poses. If you like going through different flows, Asana Rebel is a fitness application that lets you take an actual coach and classes with you.
Karen Verechia, RYT Yoga Instructor

6. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Staying hydrated is important, especially when flying. I like to take my own water bottle with me when I travel. If it’s empty, I can take it through airport security and then fill it on the other side. Lots of airports now have water bottle filling stations. Plus it reminds me to drink more water, which is sometimes forgotten when traveling, and bottles like my hidratespark tracks your intake on apps like FitBit.
Chris Varano, B.S., AFPA Fitness Coach

7. Say ahhh!

Vacations are all about relaxing, so don’t get stressed out by waiting to make your spa appointments until you’re at the hotel. Call ahead and ask about any current specials. Most spas have at least one going on and, sometimes, you can even book them back-to-back for a longer service.
Kelly Perron, Indigo Spa Manager

8. Set goals and self-reflect

Vacations provide an opportunity for self-reflection and goal setting. This is a wonderful habit to embrace, as we tend to spend more time reflecting on others as we scroll through our various social media feeds. Grab a journal, like the Best Self Journal, to help create the plan to keep you moving in the right direction.
David Chesworth, Fitness Programmer and Wellness Coach

9. Stay centered

Sometimes mental wellness is overlooked when developing a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to take time for yourself, even if it’s only 10 minutes to journal or meditate – even when you’re on vacation. If you need some guidance for your meditation, Meditation Oasis podcast and Headspace apps can help keep you centered while you’re on the road.
Erin Risius, MA, LPC Wellness Counselor

10. Read for success

Stay in the healthy mindset by taking along reading that supports your goals. We recommend books that help you be more mindful about your nutrition and psyche, like Michael Pollan’s Food Rules or Rising Strong by Brene Brown.
Bob Wright, Wellness Educator