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April 18, 2017
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3 Yoga Poses to Start your Day

Karen Verechia, the yoga instructor at Hilton Head Health (H3), demonstrates 3 yoga moves to help JumpStart your fitness and start your day off on the right (or left) foot. This yoga routine is short and perfect for any level and since all the poses are standing, you can do it anywhere and anytime. You don’t even need a yoga mat! Try these poses and stretch your muscles, get your heart rate pumping and feel rejuvenated and energized for your day!


Mountain Pose:

Mountain Pose

“In this pose we are focusing on proper posture, turning our leg muscles on and focusing on our breathing,” said Karen. After a few seconds, you can inhale this pose into a side stretch and raise your arm over your head and then follow by exhaling and inhaling your other arm over in the same motion. “The side stretch, also called “The Blowing Palm,” opens up the breathing muscles and is great for your shoulders,” said Karen. 

Blowing PalmBlowing Palm 

Warrior Pose:

Warrior Pose

To get into Warrior Two, start by taking a big stance, pointing your back foot forward and sink down into your legs, keeping your arms extended and your shoulders dropped and relaxed,” said Karen. Pause for a few seconds into this pose and focus on breathing. Repeat on the other leg. 


Tree Pose:

Tree Pose

There are a variety of ways to balance in the tree pose. you can place your foot just above your ankle, or above your knee. “Try to find a spot in the distance to focus on to keep your balance,” said Karen. This pose is not only great for improving your balance, but it is also a great core strengthener. 


“Remember it’s yoga practice not yoga perfect,” said Karen. If you are looking for a way to JumpStart your fitness and incorporate a little more fitness and exercise into your daily life, this short yoga sequence is perfect! To learn more about Karen and her yoga classes she offers at H3 visit our website.  



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