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H3 Guest Review: Great Experience!
April 2, 2016
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To Diet or not to Diet on Christmas
April 2, 2016

Staying on track with a healthy lifestyle is one of the most difficult tasks while trying to lose weight and maintain weight loss. Between trying to keep yourself motivated, find the best food to eat and manage your time; it can feel like you’ll never be able to get it all together.

Thankfully, we’re sharing some of the healthy tips Andie Mitchell shared with our Guests during her Hilton Head Health visit. Andie, the bestselling author of It Was Me All Along, recently stayed with us and held 2 amazing lectures where she shared lessons from her own 135-pound weight loss journey.  These are 4 tips straight from Andie that will help you simplify your daily, healthy routine:

1. Replace the word motivate with discipline.

Kudos to those that can “motivate” themselves day after day to eat right and workout. But for most people, motivation can become a pitfall. Replace motivation with discipline. With consistency & repetition, you can discipline yourself and get into a groove of working out, eating healthy and start feeling better about a healthier you.

2. Know yourself.

What type of workout(s) do you enjoy? Are you more likely to work out in the morning before work, at lunch or in the evening? Knowing your trigger foods and whether you can cut out things from your diet or if you’re better at eating in moderation are important. Knowing your personality, having a daily/weekly routine and sticking to it are monumental to creating your own healthy lifestyle.

3. Automate your meals. 

Delete all the little decisions so you can focus on more important details in your life. By having go-to meals and snacks each week (like 3-4 different breakfasts, lunches and dinners) you eliminate having to test your willpower all day. You’ll be able to make better decisions without worrying about where to eat lunch, or if you should get an unhealthy snack out of a vending machine because you’re hungry.

4. Eat like clockwork.

Schedule yourself to eat your meals and snacks around the same time each day. (This falls into disciplining yourself.) Have each meal and your snacks within the same time frame to keep yourself fueled throughout your day. Have a backup plan ready if for some reason you can’t have lunch at your regular time because of a meeting or another event. Most importantly, don’t beat yourself if you don’t eat during at the time you planned. Just continue with the rest of your eating schedule as closely as you can so you don’t continue off your set track.

What is one lesson you’ve learned during your weight loss or healthy lifestyle journey? We’d love to know!