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5K Training Plan
October 25, 2017
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November 3, 2017

Any fitness level can participate in a 5k and with the local Turkey Trot coming up, this is the perfect time to try your first race. Holiday and charity 5k’s are safe, fun, and family-oriented. Whether it’s your first race or a family tradition, this month’s Turkey Trot is a great opportunity to get the entire family together for healthy, outdoor fun. Check out our 5k Training Plan with a sample training calendar if you would like to get ready for the upcoming 5k. Here are some tips for your next 5k:

1. Register early

Most of these 5k’s fill up quickly as others are having the same idea as you-getting the family together for a fun, pre-holiday workout. Making sure you register early is key. Make sure to research when and where you need to be ready come race day, so you can get there early.

2. Sleep

One of the best things you can do for your health, in general, is getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep will help you and your body get ready for a great race.

3. Eat

On race morning, try to eat a simp, light, energy packed breakfast about 2 hours before the 5k. Remember to bring simple FitBites, or snacks, to keep energy up. 

4. Hydrate

Be sure to include hydration—water is the best thing for your body. If it’s warm outside, a sports drink can be an option for you to get the electrolytes you need. If coffee is a part of your normal routine, feel free to have a small cup.

5. Stretch

About 30 minutes prior to the race, get warmed up. Include a good stretch routine and a short jog to get your body ready. Gently stretch any tight muscles after your warm up.

6. Have FUN!

The most important thing is to have fun! Remember to run or walk at your own pace. It’s also fun to participate in the Turkey Trot with a family theme. Wearing coordinated shirts, or a turkey costume, can make your 5k race with friends and family more enjoyable, and help you find each other in a crowd. Have fun and gobble mindfully!