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Drinking Alcohol, The Health Pros and Cons
April 2, 2016
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April 2, 2016
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8 Outdoor Activities that Double as Exercise

Regular exercise is part of being healthy. However, we are constantly making excuses about both exercising and making healthy food choices. We’ve all done it; “I want one more piece of chocolate, I’ll just workout more to burn it off” but then the time to work out comes along and suddenly you are too busy; have kids to feed, laundry to do, have a long commute home, or already have plans to hang out with friends. Trust me we all do it at some point regardless of our fitness level. What if I told you, you were actually giving your body a workout in activities you might do every day or every week? Well guess what, there are!

Riding your bike: maybe that means loading up the car and driving to a safe location, or heading down the road from your house, riding bikes is a great cardio activity for your body, it is easy on your knees if you have knee problems and there are a variety of different bikes for multiple terrains and skill levels.
Taking a walk: could be after your lunch with coworkers. You could also walk around during your child or grandchild’s sport practice if you have to wait around for them; this is another opportunity to include other parents too.

Basketball: make a family date night in the driveway, pick up a basketball and play couple rounds of horse, around the world or one-on-one. Trying to figure out how to continue having fun with your children or grandchildren, what better way than something they enjoy, everyone wins!

Golfing: this is another great recreation activity that can be quite active, especially if you walk the course instead of renting a golf cart. Not only are you walking but you are also carrying your golf clubs around too!

Kayaking: it gets you out on the water where you can see all sorts of wildlife. It can be relaxing or if you hit the white water rivers, more challenging.

Swimming: on a nice warm day getting in the water is refreshing. It is also a great place to work your entire body and in a low impact way.

Stand up Paddle Boarding: improve your balance and your core while you enjoy an afternoon on the water. You might even see some wildlife while you are out!

Hiking: it gets you outside and moving around, and gives you time to think about other things in life or if you are looking for some solitude this might be your favorite activity. Just take a look around you and enjoy the sights.

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