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August 31, 2017
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Making Fitness Part Of Your Routine
September 1, 2017
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Enzo’s Maintenance Plan

Enzo C Headshot“You should come back not because you have failed, but because you have been successful.” 


I first chose to experience Hilton Head Health in August 2016 because I needed a change in my lifestyle. I was not comfortable with my body, but I knew that at H3 I could focus on the change I needed to improve my life. I came here with a no fear attitude without worry of failure. This attitude allowed for me to learn and experience everything H3 has to offer.


During my first visit, I learned about the benefits and importance of H3’s Thermal Walk and portion control. For the last 12 months, I have stuck to the Thermal Walk after every meal, and I feel much lighter and more energized. These two, the Thermal Walk and portion control, are and have been the keys to my weight loss and wellness success.


Since my first visit worked very well and exceeded my expectations, I had to come back again. I felt that maintenance was required for me to stay focused.


Although I greatly enjoyed my first visit, my second has been much more pleasurable. During my first stay, I worked very hard, like a soldier, because I needed to jump start my lifestyle change. In comparison, my second trip to H3 is more like a vacation and an opportunity to recommit to their health and wellness program.


I’ll be back again in 12 months! I have loyalty to this program that has been so beneficial for me and my life. Again, I will reconfirm to myself the benefits of my new healthy lifestyle.


If you are considering coming to Hilton Head Health, do it! I’m the proof! This weight loss and wellness program has worked very well for me. I cannot say anything else because the numbers say it all.

Enzo Results

Enzo joined us at Hilton Head Health for the first time in August 2016 and returned this August for his second visit. He has inspired staff and guests with not only his attitude but also with his results. He compares his first LivingWell visit to his most recent visit and shares his Health Screening results.