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December 19, 2016
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December 23, 2016
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Active Holiday Traditions

Stay active this holiday season and discover new healthy and active activities that the whole family can enjoy. 

We asked the H3 staff what they like to do during the holiday season to give us some ideas

Felicia SpenceFelecia Spence, H3 Registered Dietitian:

Felecia Spence from Buffalo, New York, a wonderful place to be during the holidays. She finds ways to stay active with her family with traditions that involve walking and getting out and helping others. “There is a huge Christmas caroling event in a town just outside of Buffalo. Hundreds of people walk around and sing.” If people looked into what their community offers they could find something fun

No matter where you live or visit during the holidays, if you do your research, you can find great opportunities to get out and help others. “If people looked into what their community offers they could find something fun like volunteering at soup kitchens and focusing on feeding the needy instead of staying in and eating too much all day.” And if you are lucky enough to have a white Christmas, family sledding, and shoveling snow could be a great way to bond with the family while staying active.

David ChesworthDavid Chesworth, Fitness Programmer and Wellness Coach

David Chesworth offers other great activities that can be enjoyed out in the snow, like snowball fights, building snowmen or ice skating (which can be an indoor activity as well for us snowless Christmas travelers). “Why not goi out and enjoy the Christmas lights after the Christmas feast with everyone and make it your thermal walk for the day?”, suggests David.

Chef Karla WilliamsChef Karla Williams, Executive Chef 

Chef Karla is an India native and has had her share of wintery holiday seasons. “I am from Indiana, so my family and I stay in a warm house throughout the holidays,” However, Chef Karla and her family still try to make the most of their warm environment by playing fun family games. “But we do play a mean game of flashlight tag in the house, it gets a little crazy but such a blast!” “Also, charades are great for getting up and moving but still staying indoors.”

Matt BarrackMatt Barrack, Fitness Instructor

Matt Barrack, encourages his family to stay active and make fun a big priority during the holiday season. One of the best parts about having the whole family together is having enough people to form teams for games. “At our reunions and holiday events we always play a round of  touch football and played Pictionary, everybody’s terrible acting is always hilarious.” Matt and his family will also go out  to the town center and see the official tree lighting, drive around and check out local light displays. “Me, my dad, and my brother Sam always did last minute shopping on Christmas E ve that was always interesting.” Matt reminds us to never underestimate the workout that fighting through crowds in stores while Christmas shopping can be. 

 The holiday season brings about many opportunities to combine fun with healthy! So whatever your family traditions may be, try to spice them up a bit this year to be a little more active.