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All-Inclusive Wellness Resorts: A Better Alternative to Fat Camps

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, this scenario may sound familiar: One day you’re staring in the mirror, uncomfortable and unhappy about how you look and feel. Today is the day you decide to do something about it–again. You try a new diet or an intensive fitness program in the hopes that you’ll drop the weight for good. But over time, you fall back into your old habits. It’s so difficult to stick with it, isn’t it? To always make the healthy choice and to do it by yourself without support. You think to try a “fat camp” or “fat farm” to kick-start your weight loss, and you lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. But when you return home, you fall back into your old habits and end up gaining 20 pounds. You feel defeated and disappointed in yourself.

You’re not the one who failed. You’ve been set up to fail. Fat camps have a notoriously high failure rate because using extreme measures to lose weight is unsustainable in the long run. The quick fixes fat camps use to make you shed the pounds are only focused on the external, physical results. You won’t find sustainable, long-term success because fat camps don’t address the underlying psychological and emotional foundations that determine our healthy or unhealthy choices.

That’s where a wellness resort like Hilton Head Health (H3) differs from a traditional fat camp.

What Sets Hilton Head Health Apart?

There’s a big difference between a “diet” and “lifestyle change.” Diet is simply what you choose to eat. But why and how you make those dietary choices depends on your underlying mental and emotional psyche. If you don’t change your mentality, you’ll continue making the same unhealthy choices.

A lifestyle change requires a transformation of the mental and emotional foundations that allow you to make better choices with regularity. This is the “secret” to achieving long-term wellness. Once you can consistently make better choices, your physical wellness will follow suit. 

Helping you make a sustainable lifestyle change is the core focus of H3. We offer a holistic, 3-pillar approach to complete wellness:

Be Well

True transformation takes more than just “eat less, exercise more.” Achieving wellness requires education, support, and compassion, which our team members provide in abundance.


Move Well

Quality over quantity. Exercise should not be punishment or a chore–it’s more like medicine. Choose to move because you honor your body and what it can do for you. 


Eat Well

Nourish your body and you’ll feed your soul. Mindfulness and moderation, not restriction, is the key to long-term success. Nutrition is a combination of passion, art, and science.

Plated Food

For more than 40 years, H3 has shown that this approach to wellness can help you succeed long-term. Are you ready to reclaim your mind and body? Learn more about our team of experts who are ready to help you on your journey.

What to Expect From H3

Beginning a new chapter in life can seem daunting. But staying at H3 is far from intimidating. In addition to the warm, welcoming environment in a refined resort-style setting, here’s what you can expect to experience at H3:

Customized, Individual Goals

Because we’re all on different journeys with different end goals, we believe “off-the-scale” results are important, too. Wellness is measured in a multitude of ways, including helping your body recuperate or recovering your vitality. One of our guests, Lorraine Furtner, shares her experience at H3:

Lorraine Furtner

“I came to H3 mentally and physically worn down. I wanted my life back. I left restored, exhilarated, and alive. I was able to go off my diabetes medication, having successfully kept it under control with diet. When I came, I could barely walk and needed wheelchair assistance. If I can do it, anyone can.”

Rethinking Complete Wellness

Achieving complete wellness requires illuminating education, healthy nutrition, quality physical movement, and psychological stability. When each of these aspects is in place, your physical transformation comes naturally and can be sustained. Ann Basta joined us as a guest because she found herself asking, “Why am I eating this? Why don’t I want to be healthy?”

Ann Basta

“As soon as I decided to really revisit this issue in my life and really tackle it for once and for all, there was only one place I could think to go. This is not a diet, this is how everyone should be living because our body needs certain nutrition every day.”

A Balanced Approach

We believe life is meant to be enjoyed. Our approach follows an “unwise, better, best” philosophy. What small change can you make to turn an unwise choice into a better choice? If you’re making a better choice, what bumps it up to be the best choice? H3 guest Adam Tannenbaum shares how he learned to implement the “unwise, better, best” philosophy:

Adam Tannenbaum

“While at H3, something clicked. I found the balance I needed. I can still go out, I can still go to tailgates, I can still enjoy some of my favorite things—I’m actually adding to the list. I’m just more aware. I simply don’t go out as often, and if I do, I make better decisions.”

Check out even more testimonials from actual H3 guests.

How Do I Begin?

This may be the most important question you ask yourself when you’re ready to achieve complete wellness. There are many ways to find out if H3 is the right fit for you:

We’re ready to welcome you to the H3 family and help transform your life. Be well, and we hope to see you soon!