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Drinking Alcohol, The Health Pros and Cons
April 2, 2016
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April 2, 2016

Most people that come to H3 are ready and motivated to do whatever it takes to reach their goals—hire a personal trainer, develop a meal plan, set boundaries and more.  In regards to diet and nutrition, those that are motivated typically start practicing the following:  food logging, cooking more often, meal planning, and implementing portion control.  Sounds perfect, right?

What happens if you are the “all or nothing” thinker?  What happens if your perfect plan doesn’t go so perfectly?  Do you get back on 95 or do you feel like you have just landed in a ditch and all the work has been wasted?  One can be internally motivated for all the right reasons, but the all or nothing mindset can easily take one back to ground zero—eating out, late night snacking, eating in front of the television, and a lack of planning…all because one night included a binge of pizza and a pint of ice cream.

H3 tries to encourage guests to get out of the all or nothing thinking and reframing that mindset to learning from the detours while staying on track.   I like to call this getting out of the “ALL OR NOTHING” and into the “ALL IN” attitude.  The ALL IN attitude is serious about health, but gives your body, mind and spirit the ability to embrace grace and forgiveness while staying committed to your goals.  Here are a few examples and scenarios that reveal an ALL IN mindset versus the all or nothing thinking:

    • Scenario #1:  Two weeks of solid meal planning + portion control =  -2 lbs. on the scale.  Week three involves traveling for work + portion control = No gain, no loss (WIN!!!).  Learning experience?  When not in control…portion control.
    • Scenario #2:  Your birthday + dessert =   savoring and enjoying that dessert (if it was me it would be Graeters ice cream from Cincinnati J).   Learning experience?  Mindful eating + accountability (sharing your birthday dessert with others) + desserts on special occasions = you are still 100% committed to your goals and learning moderation is liberating.
    • Scenario #3:  You forget to pack lunch + creating a salad at the local grocery store salad bar (e.g., Whole Foods or Krogers) = continued success.  Learning experience?  Always have a back-up plan.  When in doubt, find a local grocery store or restaurant that becomes your plan B for a healthy lunch or dinner.

Ask yourself if you are the all or nothing thinker.  Most people know right away.  I am here to tell you that it IS OKAY and ENCOURAGED to turn into the ALL IN thinker.  Please share any thoughts or comments!

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