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February 9, 2017
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February 13, 2017
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Ankle Strengthening Techniques

Having better mobility in your feet and your ankles will translate into everything you do. You will be more efficient in walking, running and your squats will be better.


Fitness Instructor Matt Barrack teaches our guests the importance of ankle strength and flexibility in a class every week. In this class, guests perform stretches that are meant to improve flexibility and mobility in their ankles. These stretches should not be painful and you should not compete with yourself to see how far you can stretch. This exercise is all about loosening up and strengthening your ankles so that you will perform better and reduce the risk of injuries.


Your feet and ankles are the most loaded joint in your body. You use them everyday. “There is an analogy that I love to give to people,” says Matt. “Imagine if I put you in a boxing glove every day of your life and I told you to take it off today and sign your name. How well do you think your hand would perform? Probably not very well.” Now we don’t need to sign our name with our feet, but giving our feet and ankles the strengthening and stretching it needs, could drastically improve our quality of life if our feet have a little more mobility and dexterity. 


These stretches are putting tension of ligaments so use a scale of 1-10 and do not go beyond 6 when it comes to pain/discomfort. If you find yourself holding your breath or tensing up, then you are pushing too hard. Try holding onto a wall or chair for balance.