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March 22, 2017
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Benefits of Pool Exercises

At Hilton Head Health, our pool classes seem to be the most popular. Turns out, it’s not just the amazing warm water and beautiful Hilton Head Island sunshine that is encouraging our guests to jump in, there are actually many benefits to exercising in water. 

It is better for your joints:

If you have a knee injury, back injury or any other related injury, the pool workouts are a great and safe way to exercise. Since the water’s buoyancy helps reduce the stress and pain on the joints, bones, and muscles, it acts as a cushion to your joints.  It is important to remember the depth of the water you stand in will change the impact on your joints. For example, the more shallow the water there will be more pressure on the joints. Wearing shoes in the water will further help to decrease the impact on your body. The water helps the circulation around your joints and reduces swelling. 


It is a full-body workout:

While you are in the pool you are working out almost every part of your body. It is cardio and resistance training as you move through the water. The water provides resistance as you move through it. The more you move, the resistance of the water increase. Especially if you are treading water while doing the exercise, moving in the water is a great cardio workout.


It is different than on Land:

One of the main differences between water and land exercises is gravity. On land, you feel the pressure of gravity on your joints versus water where you decrease the amount of gravity’s force by standing at different water levels. Another difference is Heart Rate. Your HR in the water is slightly lower because of few reasons; less gravity, water temperature being cooler, and water pressure on the body. Finally, the third difference is the muscular response. In water, you have resistance all around you. On land, you use your body and other weighted equipment to create resistance. Resistance is a good thing when you are working out!


Try this Pool Cardio workout demonstrated by H3 Fitness Instructor, Casey Walker: 


Guests at H3 benefit from the pool fitness classes for many reasons. They are able to improve their fitness without adding strenuous pressure on their joints. They can increase their range of motion, relieve pain and stiffness from injuries and get some sun at the same time! To learn more about our pool classes and other fitness classes we offer at Hilton Head Health, visit our website or give us a call at 843-292-2440.