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September 1, 2017
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September 6, 2017
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Better-For-You Snacking

H3 uses the word FitBite instead of snack because snacks have become more so synonymous with junk food. According to Hartman Group, a recognized thought leader on demand-side trends in the food industry, snacks make up 50% of all eating occasions. It has been found that 21% of Americans are opportunistic eaters that give no thought to food and drink throughout the day as the occasion for food arises.


There are three categories of snacks; sweet, savory and better-for-you. Sweet and savory make up 68% of snacking occasions. Better-for-you snacks are what we consider FitBites at H3, and in which the majority of snacking occasions in the US do not come from. The boundaries between meals and snacks continue to blur and because of that, it is our position to optimize snacking occasions with H3’s plant-focused nutrition approach.


FitBites need to be easily accessible in your home. Use a fruit bowl on your counter or in your fridge. A study performed by Brian Wansink, a researcher at Cornell University and Author of Mindless Eating, showed that people that keep a fruit bowl on their counter instead of chips and sweets have lower BMI’s, body mass index. Have pre-chopped vegetables in the fridge ready to go in baggies. If you don’t enjoy vegetable prepping, by pre-chopped vegetables at the grocery store. Keep a variety of 100 calorie nut packs in the pantry so that when you do have breakthrough hunger between your meals you have a crunchy and nutritious FitBite ready. 


FitBites are small 100-150 calorie eating occasions. They are not meant to make you feel full but satisfied enough to bridge you to a composed meal. Brainstorm what fruit, vegetables, and nuts you prefer to eat between meals and stock up on those.