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April 2, 2016
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April 2, 2016

Normally, when it comes to a book review, I rely more on the nutrition and diet based books.  For example, we’ve done blogs about the ever-so-popular Paleo Diet, Blood Type Diet or we highlight various books you can find at your local Barnes and Noble.

This time around I chose to go a different direction…a cookbook.

This cookbook has the potential to positively transform your continued weight loss or weight management journey as well as open your mind and stomach to a healthy, international cuisine.  JERUSALEM, written by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi, has inspired not only Chef Jennifer Welper, but has sold over 80,000 copies.  This year, The International Association of Culinary Professionals awarded JERUSALEM Cookbook of the Year Award as well as the top International cookbook of the year.  The James Beard Foundation gave JERUSALEM the 2013 International cookbook of the year.    We’ve got 2 or 3 copies in our kitchen—maybe that is a little excessive and we could potentially give one away, but these are the main reasons why we at H3 love and hold on tight to this book:

  1.  It is more than a cookbook.  Yotam and Sami take you through their “home.”  They make you want to travel and they motivate you to actually get in the kitchen and cook.  You get a taste of the history—the Muslim, Jewish and Christian community blended within Jerusalem gives you an appreciation for this Middle Eastern cuisine.
  2. The pictures.  Let’s be honest… what is a cookbook without gorgeous pictures?!  For example, I’m not a huge eggplant fan, but these authors and food photographers have a way of making eggplant look like the star of the show.  Wait until you see the roasted potatoes with caramel & prunes or the root vegetable slaw with labneh incorporating beets, carrots, celery root and kohlrabi—you’ll be drooling over vegetables.  A perfect book for your coffee table.
  3. Plant-based cuisine.  JERUSALEM not only touches on a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans, but the use of fresh herbs and spices are what really make this cuisine so special.  Garlic, mint, sumac, saffron, oregano, parsley, cumin, smoked paprika, cardamom and more…your health will appreciate this.  A perfect book to rely more on plants for fuel.
  4. 120 inspirational recipes.  Chef Jen loves this book—she would tell you herself.  She has used JERUSALEM as a guide and I can’t wait for guests and future guests to get a taste of these delicious, healthy dishes.  Greek Yogurt Flatbreads, Lamb Kofta, Tahini Sauce, Conchiglie with Yogurt and Peas, and more.  A perfect book to keep handy in your kitchen.
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