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April 2, 2016
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April 2, 2016

Caitlin Kiernan, breast cancer survivor and established beauty/style/health expert recently visited Hilton Head Health as an InSPArational Speaker for September. She spoke personally about her journey with multiple back surgeries followed by her diagnosis of breast cancer and then her double mastectomy. And she spoke candidly about how her personal life, career and in essence her everyday was affected by her health issues. As Caitlin said,

“While work, back surgeries and cancer almost killed me, they gave me life; [and] pushed me to live a better life and be a better person.”

She faced all her adversity head on and she emerged enlightened with an even brighter smile. When you suffer any great loss, you change. It’s almost inevitable but you have to choose to change into a more positive or a negative person.

In the midst of all the seem to be chaos happening around her, Caitlin developed what she calls her “2nd Chance Strategy”:

    1. Say yes to as many things as I can. Live life to its fullest and don’t allow fear or uncertainty get in the way.
    1. Never be negative. Be open to the good things life has to offer, otherwise you can definitely miss out.
    1. Speak good intentions when someone is not being such a great person, i.e., rude. Caitlin imagines the rude/mean person as a young child being loved to remind herself their not always like this.
    1. Stop being afraid of change. The small acts of being brave bring about transformation.

Caitlin’s strategy is great example of how to positively affect your environment before you your environment has the chance to negatively affect you.

What tips do you have to stay positive when your world gets topsy-turvy?