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Wellness Wednesday: POWER OF PERCEPTION
April 2, 2016
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Coaches Corner: A Letter to Family and Friends
April 2, 2016
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Coaching Corner: 10 Steps to Getting Started TODAY

Feel like a little motivational interviewing?  Grab paper and a pen and let’s get started…

1.  First, ask yourself what you’d really like to accomplish. (Write it down).

2.  Funny thing – most of you probably didn’t really write down what you really want.  So let’s try again.  What causes you to want what you first wrote down?  (somewhere in this response is probably the correct answer.

    • Here’s an example
        • I want to lose weight.
      • I want to feel satisfied with my body by feeling confident in my appearance and live without physical restrictions (even fatigue) as I go through each day.

3.  Okay, now, what’s preventing you from getting what you want? Be honest.  (Make a list.)

4.  Circle the things you have control over.

5.  What changes could you make to change these barriers and move you towards your goal?  (come up with several solutions – this is called brainstorming)

6.  Pick 1-3 changes from the list that you think you could start with today or tomorrow.

7.  On a Scale of 1-10, how confident are you that you can make this change or changes?

    • (If you’ve answered less than 7, what could increase your confidence of success?)
        • You might try committing to less time, finding a supportive friend, committing to a couple days or 1 week rather than forever….
    • If you’ve answered 7 or higher, you are ready to make this change.

8.  Clearly state your goal on paper.  Yes… write it down.

    • Be specific – if your goal is about fitness or healthy eating, how many times per day/per week are you committed to following your plan.  Maybe you are researching healthy places to get lunch or a personal trainer.  Reserve a date and time in your calendar to complete this task.

9.  Below your goal, re-write why you are committing to taking these steps.  What’s motivating you?

10.  GO!!!