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Wellness Wednesday: The Mindful Eating Challenge
April 2, 2016

“If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way to do it … If it’s not you’ll find an excuse” – Frank Banks

We’re all guilty of finding excuses. Sure there are things that come up every now and then, but we can be at times our own worst enemy. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. Every day life opens the door for excuses. I create at least one or two per day. What I’m getting at with this post is that it’s okay. Life asks so many responsibilities of you that it can be overwhelming. In order to successfully navigate, it’s important to recognize the difference between a significant obstacle and when it becomes an excuse.

Significant obstacles could be anything from a recent heart attack to a knee replacement or it could be that you work sixty hours a week and have three children and a wife at home. Or how about I’ve never been successful at this so why will it be different now? These things are obstacles. Injuries, time, and past failures are barriers. Each of these examples only become an excuse if three things happen:

  1. Importance not identified – Did you miss the opening quote? If it’s not important to you. Move on. What’s your life going to be like if you do not change?
  2. Planning Plummets – Not enough time to cook? Did you plan the meals? Go to the grocery store before the busy week started? I’ve found that when people have a plan they’re successful.
  3. Honesty Halts – Can you look yourself in the mirror and believe that?

“I’ve never exercised before in my life” Allison Wolfe’s only form of physical activity was getting out of her car and walking into the office in the morning. Now she’s actively attending personal training sessions and in preparation for the Bay to Breakers 15K.

“I travel too much.” Lyle Orr successfully lost more weight in the first month of being home (traveling just about every weekend) than he did in his 1month at Hilton Head Health. Susan Ogelsby successful gets in purposeful exercise every time she travels to and from Italy.

“I’m intimidated.” When Kappy Strahan started exercising she was nervous, didn’t want to be seen going out for her morning jog, but now she’s completed the Boulder Boulder 2 times, a race which boasts 60,000 people.

The last step is looking at those living breathing examples of folks who’ve developed the skill to bust their excuses. If you build on the SKILL of busting your own excuses, change will happen.

Another good read from Active.com, Nine Excuse Busters. 

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