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Tis’ the season: It’s grilling time!
April 2, 2016
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Eat your fruits and veggies
April 2, 2016

As a young male fresh out of college I often hear people tell me, “do it while you still can, do it while you’re young” I always seem to be told this when talking about something really adventurous and spectacular. Something like; running a marathon (do it while you’re body is still strong healthy) something like traveling the world (while you still have the time and fewer responsibilities) or something like working a job that is super cool that you can brag to your friends about and that makes you happy (eventually you will need something more realistic to provide for your family). While I do agree that I should do those things while I’m young, I think it is important that I continue doing adventurous and spectacular things as I get older. I do not think that this is an unrealistic idea either. Older, to me, means two things:

1) You’ve existed for another year on this planet

2) You FEEL more limited than you used to.

Obviously there is no way to change the amount of years we have existed on this planet so far, however, there is a way to control the years that have yet to come and prolong the “older” feeling. Nowadays, I think most people understand, or have at least heard about, some of the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. Just to name a few:

1)      Increased energy

2)      Improved cardiovascular health

3)      Stronger joints

4)      Stronger immune system

5)      Increased release of “feel good” hormones

6)      Increased quality of life

To me, all of these benefits sound like qualities of the ideal “young” person who FEELS less limited. Someone with more energy and stronger joints might be more inclined to train for a race; such as a 5k or a marathon. Someone with a stronger immune system who feels good more frequently throughout the day might not have to take as many sick days from work. Because they do not have to take sick days as often, they might be able to afford some time to schedule more days in the year to travel somewhere exotic and exciting.  They might even enjoy their work more because they have the energy to be great at it. Because they are great at their job, they may be more likely to get a raise or promotion.

Next time you hear the phrase or say to someone “do it while you’re still young” I challenge you to look at things from a new perspective. Adopting healthier habits is the closest thing in today’s world to the fountain of youth. If it is your dream to continue doing adventurous and spectacular things in your life, it is never too late to get started. But don’t take my word for it. Watch this video below about the world’s oldest Marathon runner (101 years old). He didn’t start running until he was 89 years old! Wow!

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