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Mindful Eating in Social Situations
April 2, 2016
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Friday Fitness: Grab Your Bike & Go!
April 2, 2016

Many woman refrain from buying new clothes until they reach their goal weight, especially if the clothes they need happen to be plus-sized.  I am not a fan of this idea for many reasons.  It’s important to like the way you look during all stages of your healthy-lifestyle journey.  Doing so helps quiet the negative monkey chatter inherent in poor body image.  Buying some stylish, plus-sized outfits that make you feel good about the way you look is like celebrating all the mini victories that will ultimately get you to your healthy weight.  When you take care of your body by adorning it with polished looking attire, the resulting happiness is a down payment on the efforts it will take tomorrow to continue the journey.

You are allowed to look and feel good at any size and that is exactly what you should do. It doesn’t mean that you have to buy a whole new wardrobe each time you drop a size.  All you really need are a few key items that fit nicely and will allow you to transition smoothly as the scale goes down.

With all that said, it isn’t difficult to notice that plus size retailers are rather hard to find locally.  So, with the help of my friend, Suzanne Giordano, I have scoped out a few wonderful resources online for plus-sized clothing.  I have also selected a few pieces that will have you feeling beautiful at the upcoming holiday festivities:

High-End & Designer:

Neiman Marcus

Salon Z at Saks



Mid-Range Affordability:


Ashley Stewart (size 12-26)


One Stop Plus


Sonsi (Sonsi is the stylish sister of Lane Bryant)

Simply Be (size 10-28)


Affordable & Casual:

Old Navy

Fashion To Figure