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Trail Mix Fudge Bar
April 2, 2016
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What is FMS? – Part 1 Introduction
April 14, 2016

In response to guests’ requests for more alcohol education and as a means to provide helpful tools for encountering everyday situations with alcohol, Hilton Head Health is adding a cozy bar to our dining room in March 2016.


Healthier Approaches to Alcohol

By the end of this month, True Bar will afford guests an opportunity for not only lectures and education on incorporating alcohol in a healthier, more manageable way into their lifestyle, but the ability to practice these healthier approaches while at H3. This idea of presenting guests with healthier choices and practices to take home has been one of our best strategies to help guests create and maintain healthy lifestyle changes.


Fresh Ingredients, No Added sugar

Our same portion control philosophy and moderate alcohol consumption guidelines will be in play as guests are able to choose drinks to complement their healthy, gourmet meals. Guests will enjoy house made cocktails using fresh ingredients without added sugar and excess calories during their stay.


 Check out the new photos below:


Staining the Wood



Our barn door is up!



We can hardly believe True Bar is almost complete! Thanks to our amazing Maintenance Team. Final project photos coming soon!