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Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day
February 6, 2017
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Ankle Strengthening Techniques
February 13, 2017

Felicia Spence, H3’s Registered Dietitian is encouraging us to listen to what our foods could be telling us. She calls it listening to our food’s “Crinkle Cues.” She is referring to the highly packaged and processed foods that usually have a crinkling package. However, this “crinkle cue” can act as your alarm to remind you  that you should put down that food. 


Every behavior has a cue and if we are able to recognize these cues we can then change our behavior. So next time you pick up a snack that gives off that lovely crinkling sound, pause and take a minute to think about what are you eating and what your body is really trying to tell you. Take that crinkling as a cue to put it down or throw it away and reach for a healthier alternative. 


Watch Felicia’s full video to find out more about “Crinkle Cues.”