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February 21, 2018
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February 21, 2018
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Day in the Life of a Plant-Based Eater



We are celebrating plant-based nutrition! As a plant-based eater, I thought I would tell you about a day in the life of eating. The last thing I changed to become a plant-based eater was cheese. You might be thinking, how can I live without cheese?!? The answer is you can and you won’t even miss it! There is so much food to choose from once you focus your attention away from meat, dairy, and eggs and focus on the plant kingdom!


Some basic notes about what I eat in a day. I try to eat a whole grain or a bean with every meal- it’s where I am going to get protein and a bulk of my calories from. Also, I try to eat one serving of nuts or seeds- pistachios, flaxseed, chia, cashews, or almonds are my favorite. Then I fill in the rest of the day with vegetables and fruit.


One day for me looks like this:



Avocado toast with Ezekiel bread. I like to sprinkle my avocado with turmeric, salt, and pepper- a way to kick up the anti-oxidants! I like fruit at breakfast so I try to have berries or some fruit salad.  



A smoothie bowl- especially during the summer months. Make a thick smoothie with cashews, flaxseeds, blueberries and top with sliced bananas, coconut, and granola. Yum!



Black bean tacos topped with guac and purple cabbage salad that has lime and cilantro in it. To add a little heat I like to thinly slice jalapeno peppers. I like to eat my tacos on warmed up corn tortillas because I like the flavor over flour tortillas.  


The plant-based life is bountiful if you are open to it. You are going to see shifts in your health because plant-based eaters tend to enjoy longer lives on average than someone that eats a westernized diet. Those that eat plant-based have decreased risk for heart disease, type II DM, and cancer.


If you are interested in plant-based eating head to plantpurenation.com to get more information. H3 also has some recipes that are plant-based on our blog like the Lentil and Butternut Squash Salad! Have fun and go plant-based!