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March 26, 2019
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Full-Body Resistance Loop Band Workout
May 3, 2019

There are stressors constantly around us when it comes to working, family, social expectations and everything in between. Taking care of our bodies both physically and mentally should not contribute to that extra amount of stress, but in turn, help alleviate it and give us a clearer mindset with everything else in our busy lives.


With increased levels of physical activity, there are higher amounts of endorphins that are released by the brain. This is our bodies’ natural ‘painkiller’ and helps us become more at ease leading to lower amounts of stress. If you have never exercised before or are new to exercise, don’t let that scare you. Exercising doesn’t mean you are going to start running a marathon tomorrow, it’s just doing things to get your body moving like taking a walk around your neighborhood after dinner or riding your bike down to the beach. Those endorphins that are released after exercise can help you when it comes to sleep and relaxing.



According to the ADAA, Anxiety and Depression Association of America, studies have shown that with consistent levels of low-intensity aerobic exercise, mental function and awareness are increased. This is especially useful when you are placed in a stressful situation where you normally are unable to maintain energy levels and concentration.


Make it fun! Treating exercise and fitness as a chore will create that negative connotation to it and will make us not want to do it. Getting out and being active can be activities like joining a recreation league for fun or signing up for dance or fitness classes at your local studio or gym. Even doing things around your home, such as gardening, is a great way to get your body engaged and lower levels of daily stress.


When we are stressed it affects our brain and the rest of our bodies. Once you get moving, your body feels better, and so will your mind.


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