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April 2, 2016
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April 2, 2016

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Wondering what new trends you should be paying attention to? Well, we decided to ask some of our female fitness & nutrition experts what are the hottest trends for the spring.

Spoiler Alert: They didn’t talk about fitness fashion.

But, here’s what they predicted:

The Future of Fitness

    • Strength is Sexy:

Low carb diets, deprivation diets, and excessive cardio are out (thank goodness!). Strength training is in! By focusing on positive gains (building muscle and toning up) versus weight loss (exercising to burn calories) our mindset is in a heathier place thus supporting our goals without all of the guilt. Strength training will build a healthier body and confidence… you cannot beat that! –Karla Williams, H3 Healthy Kitchen Executive Chef

    • HIIT is Happening:

HIIT Training will continue to be major in fitness along with Pilates and CrossFit. – Chris Varano, H3 Fitness Coach/Pilates Instructor

Healthy Food Trends

    • Quality on-the-go meals:

A report by Hartman Group titled “Modern Eating: Cultural Roots, Daily Behaviors” states that half of our eating occasions are on-the-go whether as snacks or mini-meals. Consumers are looking for interesting, less processed foods in smaller packages. Trend watch- nutrient dense foods, plant based, that are packaged for convenience. – Felicia Hackett, RD, Hilton Head Health Program Manager

    • Meal planning:

Busy lifestyles are leading many people to meal plan. Choosing one or two days out of the week to plan and prep meals for the upcoming week has not only become trendy but a must! Meal planning services are becoming popular too: Blue Apron, eMeals, and Relish. –Karla Williams, H3 Healthy Kitchen Executive Chef

    • Vegetables and Whole Foods:

Restaurants are focusing on organic foods, the farm to table concept, and are even offering more vegetarian/vegan options. Menus are offering more whole grains and a variety of vegetables at trendy restaurants. Vegetables and whole grains are hot right now! –Karla Williams, H3 Healthy Kitchen Executive Chef

    • Fresh Cocktails:

It is so last year to drink grenadine, sweet and sour mix, or any other processed cocktail mixer. Spring brings fresh herbs, fruit juices, and even spices to cocktails providing an experience for happy hour. These cocktails will be so tasty, you will just have one. –Karla Williams, H3 Healthy Kitchen Executive Chef