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April 2, 2016
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April 2, 2016
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Fitness Friday: H3 Summer Biking Guide

Biking is awesome exercise but you should be properly prepared before you start pedaling this summer. Use these tips and benefits so you can bike like a pro!


1. Pre-ride Checklist:

    • Check your tire pressure.
    • Seat Height – when standing on the ground, your seat should be at your hip height. When sitting on your bike, the leg which is extended should have a soft knee (not completely straight but not too bent either).
    • Grab your helmet.
    • Fill your water bottle to stay hydrated.
    • Make sure you have a blinker/reflector if you’re riding at night.
    • Wear bright/neon clothing on dark or rainy days.
    • Plan your route before you start riding.
    • Wearing headphones/earbuds is highly not recommended.

2. Sitting Properly:

    • Practice good posture – sit up straight and remember to not slump over the handle bars.
    • Knees should bend with your knee caps facing forward, not out to the sides.
    • Knees should never hyperextend, always keep a slight bend at full extension.

3. Riding Etiquette:

    • Ride in the same direction of traffic.
    • If there is a bike lane, USE IT.
    • Use signals to indicate turns and stops.
    • Follow all traffic signals.
    • Always pass on the left, and verbally communicate when passing: “coming up on your left” or “passing on your left”.
    • Be predictable. Make drivers, other bikers and pedestrians aware of your actions.
    • Give yourself space between other bikers, pedestrians, and cars.

4. Benefits of biking:

    • Reduces CO2 emissions.
    • Strengthens your quads, hamstrings, calves and abdominals.
    • Low impact exercise with less wear and tear on your joints.
    • Get great exercise and take some time for yourself while riding to and from work!
    • Increase energy AND boost endorphins!
    • Biking is a cardio workout, therefore, strengthening the heart and improving oxygen exchange to the whole body.

Get out and RIDE!! Enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful environment around you!