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Wellness Wednesday: The Mindful Eating Challenge
April 2, 2016

With the masters going on and Heritage coming up next week, golf is certainly the focus of many people these next couple weeks. Today, we’re going to take a look at how flexibility and stretching is a great way to improve your golf game.

Stretching is performed for the specific purpose of increasing the functional range of motion around the joints affecting the golf swing. Flexibility is a key component for a powerful swing.

Limited range of motion contributes to improper mechanics, fatigue, and injury. Without flexibility training your muscles will shorten over time and so will your swing. Here is a comprehensive list of benefits you’ll see by increasing your flexibility through a regular stretching program…

    • Increases range of motion allowing you to stretch and reach further
    • Improves distance, power and accuracy
    • Reduces the incidence and severity of low back pain
    • Improves your power in explosive activities
    • Increases improved circulation and blood flow
    • Relieves muscle soreness after intense physical activity
    • Improves posture and muscle balance
    • Increases muscle coordination
    • Promotes a synchronized golf swing
    • Increases neuromuscular coordination

With that said, start stretching and get out there and improve your game!

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