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All-Natural? Cage Free? What Does It All Mean…
April 2, 2016
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Top 10 Reasons To Follow the Mediterranean Diet
April 2, 2016

While cooking for one, it’s just as important to create a nice meal for yourself as it would be to cook for two, three or more. Though meal planning can be challenging, it’s the key to weight management and weight loss. Here’s an example of meal planning from a past H3 guest’s perspective.

Guest Alicia, shows that meal planning can be done.  Alicia has been sending me weekly photos of her meal planning, thus far. These meals have left her more satisfied and as she puts it, “…and sitting down, eating a complete meal at once is reducing the urge to snack later in the night – so far seems to be helping!” I think this is pretty cool.

Check out her meal planning skills:

BREAKFAST: Two baked eggs with spinach and mushrooms

LUNCH: Vegetarian burger with caramelized onions and mushrooms with a side of sautéed asparagus

DINNER: Broiled salmon, wheat berry pilaf and steamed broccoli

Great job, Alicia!

These meals were delicious, nutritious and easy for her to make. If meal planning seems overwhelming to you, use these tools to get started.