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April 17, 2017
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H3 Testimonial: Betty Harmon

Betty Harmon hit rock bottom when she fell at the hospital while visiting her mother as she passed away and needed three people to help her get up. She made the decision to come to Hilton Head Health after this deciding moment in which she discovered she wasn’t mobile, she was sedentary and she was heavy. 


During Betty’s first few days at Hilton Head Health, she began to hear lectures that were life-changing for her. One class, in particular, the ABC’s of Moving, David Chesworth speaks on the importance of having good posture to increase mobility. Betty immediately sought David out and asked if he would work with her on her posture. David and Betty worked on her posture, “I would say within 4 or 5 days, he had me walking better and moving better,” said Betty. 


Betty continued to enjoy the lessons and tools she gained in other lectures and classes as well as in the Healthy Kitchen. She is using these tools to make a plan and continue to be successful when she goes home. “I have a plan- you have to have a plan,” said Betty. Betty has lined up a personal trainer, is planning her meals and grocery shopping, taking a pilates class and joining a gym with a pool. 


“Hilton Head Health has given me the tools so I can save my life definitely,” said Betty. 


Learn more about Betty and listen to her full story below: