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December 20, 2016
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December 23, 2016
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H3ALTH Talk Season 1 Finale: New Year’s Resolution


H3 experts on health education, fitness, and emotional health joined together to discuss the biggest mistakes people often make while making New Year’s resolutions and offer their advice for making attainable New Year goals. 


Bob Wright, Director of Education at Hilton Head Health brings his insight on diet trends, behavioral changes and research on what makes a New Year’s resolution successful. 

David Chesworth, Fitness Programmer and Wellness Coach at Hilton Head Health, offers his advice on how to find fitness programs that interest you and keep you motivated and tips on how much exercise and how often is right for you.

Dr. Rhonda Sutton, Wellness Counselor at Hilton Head Health, brings the emotional side of any weight loss or nutrition goal. She offers her insight on what triggers we have with food, the ups-and-downs of weight loss journeys and how to improve our emotional health by reducing stress and being more in tuned with ourself. 

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