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February 21, 2018
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February 21, 2018
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Managing Health During a Quarter-Life Crisis

Are you in your 20’s and experiencing a quarter-life crisis? According to Webster, a quarter-life crisis is defined as a twenty-something experience that involves anxiety over the direction and quality of one’s life.

So maybe you are in your 40’s (or up) and thinking – um yea, that’s ME. It’s okay! The twenties are unique in that it’s a time of first-time transitions pertaining to relationships, college, career, and/or one’s health. This time of life may feel like it’s full of possibilities, but it also may feel overwhelming with how to manage it all.


Hello, quarter-life crisis.

Like a mid-life crisis, a quarter-life crisis can entail a re-evaluation of one’s values, situations, relationships, life direction, and health choices, to name a few. As a result, self-care can easily get shuffled down the priority list or taken off that list altogether amid feeling overwhelmed, stressed or just plain lost in life. Often unhealthy behaviors may become the go-to in order to take the edge off of this stress, such as emotional eating, drinking, or social media obsession, which only serve to deepen the disconnect from the Self.

At H3 we specialize in helping young adults to create better self-care strategies as it relates to nutrition, exercise, and overall body awareness and attunement.

Some of the areas that we work with are:

  • Emotional/binge eating
  • Stress management issues
  • Overcoming a sedentary lifestyle
  • Body image issues
  • Managing triggers of social drinking/eating
  • Meal planning and cooking healthy foods for one
  • Managing school/university dining
  • Dealing with boredom/stress eating
  • Undoing diet mentality
  • Navigating weight stigma
  • Health issues related to obesity

We created a Young Adult Program that provides tailored education, group support, and recreational activities aimed at providing a fun, safe and supportive environment for those who are striving to undo unhealthy habits at home, school or work. The Young Adult Program is supplemental to our regular program and is aimed at helping young adults to learn how to become their own authority around their health and wellness. Best of all – there is no extra charge for young adults to participate in this offering.

Regarding nutrition education, we provide nutrition for health classes, appetite awareness training, food portion management, and grocery store tours, to name a few. When it comes to fitness, we help our young adult guests to find their own fitness style by providing a wide variety of exercise classes that they can try out and determine what they like – or don’t like. If desired, we also have more structured programs that provide gentle accountability, such as JumpStart and LoseWell.

Success here isn’t measured solely by the scale – or at all if the person doesn’t want to focus on a number. Instead, we encourage our guests to measure the non-scale ‘wins’ that happen along the way that are key for motivation and for making healthier behaviors a way of life rather than a means to an end.

Learning how to better show up and care for ourselves during times of stress, social temptation or challenging environmental influence is a great skillset to learn sooner than later. We are NOT a boot camp or a nutritionally restrictive program, so we are not a weight-loss-at-any cost center. Instead, we teach evidence-based strategies for helping guests of all ages to create a healthier lifestyle in body and mind.