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Friday Fun: Healthy Harmonies
April 2, 2016
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Coaching Corner: Serve More, Eat More, Lose Weight
April 2, 2016

Program Intern, Kim Jobke, gives us insight on one of her favorite nutrition apps. Check out the post below!

Meal planning is often the first step in building a healthier diet. But, let’s face it, planning meals takes time, something we all could use more of! Add grocery shopping into the mix and eating healthy can take up a significant amount of your time. The good news is there are many websites available to help you eat healthy, and save time doing it. My favorite is a website called ZipList, where you cannot only plan your meals, but also create smart grocery lists and find deals at local grocery stores.

To get started, visit ziplist.com and create a free account and/or download the free app for your Smartphone. The account on the computer will automatically sync with the app on your phone. Once you have an account you can:

Find Recipes – Find thousands of recipes through ZipList’s recipe database, including those from popular food websites, add your own recipes, or “clip” and save recipes you find on the internet – try the recipes on our blog!

Create a Recipe Box – Save recipes in your recipe box for future use and sort by source, ingredient or cook time for faster meal planning.

Sync Meal Plans to Calendar – Sync the meal plans you create to your personal calendar on Google Calendar, iCalendar, or Outlook.

Generate Grocery Lists – Generate a grocery shopping list from your meal plan to make shopping less time consuming and cut down on unnecessary spending. You can even share your lists with others! Scan the barcode on items at the grocery store using your Smartphone to automatically add them to your list.

Find Deals and Get Coupons – ZipList will find local grocery store deals based on the items you buy and also send you coupons. Then, you can assign items to lists for purchase at specific stores based on the deals.

Try ZipList out today and comment to tell me what you think!

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