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February 24, 2017
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Spring Clean your Fitness Wardrobe
March 1, 2017

Get your fat intake from healthy fatty foods. Just like added sugar we can have too much added fat from oils, butters, and spreads especially if we already include packaged foods and animal products in our dietary pattern. Fat adds up quickly in the calorie bank. Instead of adding butter or oil, savor the flavor of the whole food that already has fat contained in it.


5 Foods that are Healthy Fats:

1. Avocado

a fatty fruit that can add both flavor and color to your meal plan. Be bold and have avocado toast with berries in the morning for breakfast

2. Nuts

any nut will do! From almonds to macadamia nuts. Each nut has a different nutrient profile so enjoy each kind!

3. Seeds

Chia, flax, sesame oh my! There are many seeds that can add a perfect crunch to salads or whole grains

4. Dark chocolate

>70% dark cocoa – antioxidant rich dark chocolate can top off a meal quite nicely.

5. Tahini

ground sesame seeds can be used in replacement to oils in salad dressing or drizzled on whole grains, proteins, and used in soups to create creaminess without the added saturated fat or cholesterol


Portion size is important because calories can add up quickly with these foods but it should not deter you from adding these foods into your daily routine. You get so much more from these foods besides calories like fiber, antioxidants, and tons of flavor!