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Managing Holiday Triggers
November 16, 2017
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Sending Out a STRESS-O.-S.
November 20, 2017
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Spoonful of Nutrition: Thanksliving

What is Thanks-Living? It is Thanksgiving with food intentionality. As someone that is hosting the holiday or bringing a dish to pass, put some thought behind what you make in regards to your health. Thanksgiving food can be filled with lots of dishes that promote health and longevity.


Make your own Thanksliving dinner or dish by giving your traditional recipes a #H3ALTHY Makeover. We can swap heavy creams and butter to oils, and desserts to fruit. Instead of a fatty green bean casserole, try a green bean almandine, or instead of candied yams try roasted sweet potatoes. An easy Thanksliving food thing is replacing buttery biscuits with 100% whole grain breads, and creamed spinach to a spinach salad. Portion down turkey to 1-2 oz or have tofurky and lastly, fill your plate with lots and lots of plants! Think plant slant this Thanksliving!


Watch as I share some of my Thankliving tips in the latest edition of Spoonful of Nutrition.