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Hotel Workout Routine

Traveling can sometimes put a wrench in the system of a healthy lifestyle. Not only does your hourly routine change, but the possible resources available to you are different and often times unknown. Whether you’re someone who travels often for a living or planning to travel during the holidays, this quick workout will get your body moving.


One of the most promising ways to keep active while traveling is to develop the habit of a hotel routine. Hotel gyms are an option, but not always guaranteed. One thing that is guaranteed, is that you will have access to a wall, a floor, and your body. Combining your hotel check-in, evening, or morning routine with a quick movement routine is a great way to keep those joint mobile and strong.


1. Toe Curls

Tip: Keep toes straight at all times. Pull toes toward heels, lifting balls of feet off ground.




2. Calf Raises

Tip: Keep weight towards big toe side of foot.




3. Knee Ups 

Tip: Stand tall at all times.




4. Spine Flexion

Tip: One vertebra at a time.




5. Spine Twist

Tip: Hips and below are a statue, waist and higher move.




6. Cat/Cow

Tip: Head up – arched back. Head down – rounded back.




7. Assisted Squats

Tip: Hold onto something like a door frame or a railing for support.




8. Standing Mountain Climbers

Tip: Lift knee, twist torso.




9. Elevated Push-Ups

Tip: Keep elbows close to body, touch chest to surface before pressing up.