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Staff SMART: Longevity
September 27, 2018
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Yoga for Your Bones
October 1, 2018

Let’s be honest, it can sometimes be difficult to have a positive outlook when it comes to hitting up the gym. Often times, exercise is viewed as a painful chore that none of us are eager to partake in, but does it always have to be that way? Exercise obviously plays a big role in maintaining good physical health, but what often tends to be undervalued is the benefits it has on your mental and emotional health as well.


Exercise has an ongoing list of positive effects that all lead to significant improvements in mood and an overall better mindset. It is important to recognize that physical activity is not the enemy here, but rather our minds that convince us otherwise. Exercise is our friend. It nourishes not only our physical fitness, but our social, emotional, and even spiritual health, helping us to lead happier lives. A key concept is to try and find your fitness style. If you hate running, then don’t run! If you hate spinning or cycling, don’t force yourself into it — otherwise, your negative feelings towards working out will only continue to grow. On the other hand, if you love dancing, take up some Zumba classes. If you enjoy spending time developing the connection between mind and body, take up yoga. Find activities that fuel your fire.


Once we slowly start to grasp the concepts regarding everything exercise can do for us, the more we develop a deep appreciation for it. We must learn to become addicted to the feeling we get after a good workout. It allows us to have a clearer mind and most importantly—a better attitude. I think we can all agree that after exercising we have a better perspective on both ourselves and life in general. In summary, find your fitness style, continue holding on to that post-workout feeling and let it motivate you to take control of your health and happiness once and for all.



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